Merry Christmas From Bucket Racing Association NSW Australia
  • 60 Jason Dunn Honda RS85cr winner of Motolite class 60 Jason Dunn 2023 Motolite Champion
    With 2 wins & a 3rd Jason (Honda RS85cr) won his 6th Motolite Championship.
    68 Shane Wilcox (RS85cr) finished 2nd & #46 Mark O'Toole (YFZR150) 3rd.
  • #65 Tim Smith Honda CB185 wins Superlite Class #65 Tim Smith Superlite Class 2023 Champion
    Tim with 2 wins and a 2nd clinched the 2023 Superlite Championship.
    #38 Junior Murphy 2nd overall after some close racing with Tim.
  • #49 Gregory Burt (Yamaha YFZR-12) Commuterlite Class #49 Gregory Burt 2023 Commuterlite champion
    Greg YFZR-125 is the 2023 Commuterlite Champion #717Ken McLean pinched
    2nd place by 1 point off of 3rd placed 128 Edward Poucher both on CBR125s.
  • #65 David Morschel wins second round of the PCRA Mitas Tyres Championship in the ProductionLite Class #65 David Morschel wins ProductionLite Championship
    #54 Raymond Wright 2nd & #11 Troy Corser 3rd in the PCRA MITAS tyres
    Bucket racing Championship all riding Yamaha (R15's).
  • 6 Jason Dunn Motolite #6 Jason Dunn Wins Round One in Motolites .
    Like he's never been away Jason won all three Motolite races. Here he leads
    the field away in race two. 68 Shane Wilcox finished 2nd. 63 Matt Burton 3rd
Close exciting Bucket Racing
Close exciting Bucket Racing


Commuterlites in Action always great racing. #9 Chris Young Honda CBR125 and #52 Carl Kitson Aprilia RS4 .

Round 4 was run on the full Gardner GP circuit on a dry overcast winters day and once again there was excellent close racing put on by the Bucket racers.

For Round 4 Race Report__ Click Here__

Videos of Motolites and Superlites in action.

Wakefield Park Race 3 - Click Here Close exciting Bucket Racing

Mark O'Toole finished second in the Motolite races at Wakefield but on the way he captured these onboard videos.

On board videos from the
at Eastern Creek

The Bucket Racing Association NSW

Extends a big thank you to Craig White of Mitas Tyres and Expert Parts and Accesories for their continuing support of the 2023 Bucket Racing Championship.
Craig also rewards podium winners with Mitas tyres at selected meetings.

Expert Parts and Accesories is your goto supplier for most tyre brands, tyre warmers, leathers, boots and other racing accessories.

Their tyre truck is present at all our events offering an on the spot tyre service to the motorcycle racing fraternity.

Mitas Tyres & Expert Parrts and Accessories Address

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Big Bang Engines Honda CB125E based Superlite wins first time out.

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Honda P5-125-superlite for sale
#6 Stephanie Jones finished in a fine third place in the the Commuterlite class at round two of the 2021 PCRA MITAS TYRES Bucket Racing Championship.
Honda P5-125-superlite
#65 Tim Smith made his trip from Orange worthwhile with a good start to his championship year.

2023 Motolite Championship
#60 Jason Dunn in great form on his Motolite
1st. #60 Jason Dunn
Honda RS85cr
218 Points
#68 Shane Wilcox Motolite
2nd. #68 Shane Wilcox
Honda RS85cr
174 Points
#46 Mark O'Toole Yamaha YFZR150 Motolite
3rd. #46 Mark O'Toole
Yamaha YFZR150
150 Points
2023 Superlite Pro Championship
#65 Tim Smith Honda CB185 Superlite
1st. #65 Tim Smith
Honda CB185
215 Points

38 Junior Murphy Honda CB185 Big Bang Engines Superlite
2nd. #38 Junior Murphy
Honda CB185
161 Points
62 Jim Murphy Honda CB185 Big Bang Engines Superlite
3rd. #62 Jim Murphy
Honda CB185 BBE
54 Points
2023 Commuterlite Championship
#Gregory Burt Yamaha YFZ-R150 Commuterlite
1st. #49 Gregory Burt
Yamaha YFZ-R125
194 Points
#717 KenMcLean Honda CBR125 Commuterlite
3rd. #717 Ken McLean.
Honda CBR125
151 Points
#128 Edward Poucher Honda CBR125 Commuterlite
2nd. #128 Edward Poucher
Honda CBR125
150 Points
2023 ProductionLite Championship
#65 David Morschelon Yamaha R15 ProductionLite 160.
1st. #65 David Morschel.
Yamaha R15
145 Points
#54 Ray Wright Yamaha R15 ProductionLite 160
2nd. #54 Raymond Wright
Yamaha R15
128 Points
#11 Troy Corser  Yamaha R15 ProductionLite 160
3rd. #11 Troy Corser
Yamaha R15
50 Points

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A full list of the bikes that you can use are in our Rules Section. But if you want to buy one ready made see the Links page and in particular The Australian Road Racing forum. Otherwise contact a committee member and see if they know of any bikes for sale.

Anyway, browse around this site and check us out. If you are interested in racing either contact anyone on the Club Committee or come along to one of the meetings on the Race Calendar, check out the racing and introduce yourself.

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