2015 SAVA Tyres Bucket Nationals.

The SAVA Tyres Bucket Nationals was once again run by the St. George motorcycle club. The event was held on the South circuit at Sydney Motorsport Park on Saturday the 7th November.

After a week of wet weather surprisingly race day was dry but humid with only a light shower in the afternoon. Once again the three classes in Buckets put on a fine display of close exciting racing with only one rider successfully defending their title.

Pole setters for the three classes:

Motolites Jason Dunn 1:04.261
Superlites Tim Smith 1:14.557
Commuterlites Nick Miller 1:13.963


Motolites SAVA Tyres Bucket Nationals

Jason Dunn Motolite National winner

The defending Motolite Sava Tyres Bucket Nationals title holder Newcastle rider #6 Jason Dunn (Honda RS85cr) had no intention of handing over the prize. Jason dominated  qualifying and racing winning all three races and scoring maximum points.

NCRR club rider #76 Damien Coppola on a BBE Honda RS 150 put in a determined effort finishing an impressive second overall on the booming four stroke. 

 Lindsay McKay (#81 Honda RS85cr) back out of retirement was stylish and fast as ever and despite a slight top end misfire clinched third place holding off a racy John Olip (#94) riding his aging Moriwaki 85. Michael Child (#170 Supermono197) came home fifth.

Motolite Results for SAVA Tyres Bucket Nationals

Table of Motolite Results 2015

Superlites SAVA Tyres Bucket Nationals

#65 Tim Smith Wins Superlite Sava Tyres Bucket nationals

Tim Smith (#65 Honda CB150) was in devastating form winning 2 races and with his hands on the prize settled for third place in race Three.

Tim won races one and two but had to fight tooth and nail to get the wins. A back in form Ken Lindsay  (#2 Honda RCB150) was proving very difficult to pass and defending title holder Junior Murphy (#38 BBE Honda CB150) wasn't going to hand it over without a fight.

These three riders battled and swapped places continuously during the first 22 King Kenny races. However in race three the King got the holeshot and was never headed. The battle raged behind until Junior broke free of Tim and started to hunt down Ken and with Ken running wide at the hairpin allowed Junior to close but the immaculate #2 bike wasn't to be denied.

Jim Murphy (#62  Jianshe150) finished fourth and John Olip (#94 Suzuki 100) fifth. 

Superlites Results for SAVA Tyres Bucket Nationals

Sava Tyres Bucket Nationals Superlite Results Table 2014


Commuterlites SAVA Tyres Bucket Nationals

#555 Nick Miller Wins Commuterlite Sava Tyres Bucket NationalsThe CommuterLites once again put on a great show of close racing with strong support from the North Coast Road Racers club who put it up to the regular Sydney hotshots on the Sydney siders home track. Once again the popular bike choice is the Honda CBR125.


 Nicholas Miller (#555 Honda CBR125) started the day with an incredible qualifying lap of 1:13.491 and went on to win races one and two after some close attention from North Coast racers David Buckton (#45 CBR125) Kyam Buckton (#44 CBR125) Nathan Pither(#47 CBR125) and PCRA rider Luke Rhodes. 45 David Buckman 2nd Commuterlite Sava Tyres Bucket Nationals

These five riders swapped places continuously in the three races. In races one and two Nicholas had a slight edge but race three was a different story.

First time around in race three it looked like business as usual with Nicholas leading #45 David Buckton #18 Luke Rhodes third #47 Nathan Pither fourth and Kyam Buckton fifth. Lap two #45 David Buckton took the lead with everyone else holding station. Big change on lap three Luke Rhodes goes to second and #44 Kyam Buckton moves up two places to third with Nicholas now at the back of the pack. Kyam continues his forward drive and passes David on the last lap to be in front when it counts at the chequered flag.

44 Kyam Buckton Commuterlite North coast road RacersNicholas recovers to get back to third pushing past Luke who was also passed by Nathan on the last lap. Great ride by Kyam as he was at the tail end of the bunch for two laps but found the pace to win a very exciting close fought race.

Down the field the dicing was no less ferocious with newcomer #73 Andrew Lewer mixing it up more seasoned campaigners.

Commuterlites Results for SAVA Tyres Bucket Nationals

Sava Tyres Bucket Nationals Superlite Results Table 2014

 Final Results Table for SAVA Tyres Bucket Nationals Click Here...

King Kenny leads the pack.
#2 King Kenny (Honda RCB150) leads #38 Junior Murphy (Big Bang Engines Honda CB150) and eventual winner #65 Tim Smith. After some great racing Tim lifted the Superlite  prize to be 2015 Superlite Sava Tyres Bucket Nationals title holder..

Jason Dunn was uncatchable
Jason Dunn was uncatchable on the day and clinched the Motolite SAVA Tyres Bucket Nationals Title for the second year in a row. Jason won all three races giving him the perfect score.

North Coast Armada
Commuterlites in action #44 Kyam Buckton winner of race 3 (3rd overall) and Natan Pither (5th. Overall) were part of the armada from the North coast. All bikes from the North were immaculately turned out.

John Olip and Damien Coppola in close company.
#94 John Olip (Moriwaki85) and #76 Damien Coppola (BBE Honda CBR150) Motolites in close company. Damien finished 2nd and John 4th.


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