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Photo: Anthony Storey

December 2010 News

  • 2010 PCRA / BRA Presentation will be held at the usual venue the
    on Saturday the 11th December
    Lunch at O'Connell Hotel.
    Ride or bring your bike for a 120K round trip from Mt. Victoria to O'Connell and back.
    For full details of Presentation night and O'Connell ride Download from the PCRA website Here...

  • Broadford 2010  
    For full race report Click Here

  • 2010 Championship Results Table  posted. For full results tables
    Click here...

  • Building a Commuterlite Racer: All you need to Know. The most economical way to get into competitive motorcycle road racing ever.

  • Commuterlite Pictures Click Here
    More News Click Here

  • The 2010 Club Championship, after the 4th and final  round: top three in Motolite, Superlite Pro and Superlite Amateur are listed below.

2010 Motolite Championship Results. 


Michael Carruthers
Honda RS85


Ken Lawrence
Honda RS150CRF4v


Paul Borg
Honda RS85CR


2010 Superlite Pro Championship Results



Jeff Clissold
Honda CB150



Ian Gregory
Honda CB150



Fred Holland
Honda RCB150


2010 Superlite AM Championship Results



Walter Murphy

Honda 150


Adam Muldoon

Honda 150



Suzii Stevens
Suzuki 125

All 2009 PCRA Championship Results:

Click Here for results table PDF


For all Race Results and lap times:

Click Here for Natsoft.com

More news

  • Broadford 2010
    Sunny weather a great track and exciting racing
    made for an unforgettable weekend at Broadford. Everyone was made welcome by our Southern hosts. A barbeque was put on by the PCRA on Sat and Sun after the racing which made for a friendly atmosphere over a beer and steak.
    For full race report Click Here


  • Bucket Nationals 2011: The Budget for the Bucket Nationals can be downloaded for perusal, it's an interesting insight into the costs of running a race meet.


  • Bucket Nationals 2011: The Bucket meeting to end all bucket meetings will take place at Wakefield Park next year. The track has been tentatively booked for the last weekend of Sept. 2011 (24th -25th)  A large Interstate contingent is expected.

  • Media Update:
    Jeff Brown
    BRA Communications Officer.

    Entry Level Motorcycle Racing - a New, Low  Cost Race Class!!!
    Download PDF.

  • Pictures from Eastern Creek Round 3:
    Click Here...

    In The Pits: Click Here...

  • New bikes seen at Wakefield Round 2: A number of new buckets appeared at Wakefield, build quality is really good, a credit to all involved. For Pix Click Here 

See Building a CBR125 Commuterlite


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Bucket 1 Hour Enduro race meeting at Wakefield Park.

Sat 20th. - Sun. 21st.Nov. 2010


Garry Briggs and Stephen Byrnes win an exciting 1 hour Motolite Race

Main Riders

ABOVE: #59 Garry Briggs (Big Bang Engines Honda RS150CRFr) leads #14 Ken Lawrence (Hunter Toolup) RS125CRFr and #97 Tyler Bradford (Harvest Pools) Honda CBR150.

#25 Co-rider David Phillips on the Fred Holland Superlite

ABOVE: #25 Fred Holland and David Phillips(pictured) were in a class of their own winning the Superlite 1 hour by 2 laps. David Phillips showed a very competitive turn of speed for a once a year ride. #2 Ken Lindsay crashed out on lap 10 when challenging for the lead.

#59 Steve Byrnes Co-rider to Garry Briggs

ABOVE: #59 Co-rider Steve Byrnes put in a polished performance on the Garry Briggs Big Bang Race Engines RS150CRFr lapping in the mid 1:11 secs and breaking the lap record with 1:11.4720 (previous record was 1:12.0890)


74 Ron Carrick Commuterlite

ABOVE: #69 Ian Gregory/Ryan Young Honda CB150 (2nd placed Superlite) and 74 Ron Carrick/Alex Pickett, Honda CBR125 (Commuterlite) ran this close for much of the race with only 1.4seconds between them at the finish. This was a fantastic ride by Ron and Alex on the Commuterlite with Alex putting in a fastest lap of 1:22.9590 on lap 35 which puts it up there with the quicker Superlites. #71 the Troy Galvin/Jason Brett Honda 125T gives them plenty room as they continue their battle.

More on the 1 hour race to follow...

Click Here for
Motolite, Superlite and P45 Results tables

Broadford Round 4

Michael Carruthers wins Motolite Championship

For Race Report Click Here

#16 Michael Carruthers

ABOVE: #16 Michael Carruthers 2010 Motolite Champion.

Michael Carruthers (RS85CR) came out on top after a hard fought series of races where he swapped places several times with Ken Lawrence (RS150CRF4v). In the end there was 4 points advantage to Michael.
Paul Borg (RS85CR) won all five races in commanding style to finish third in the points table.

Click On Pictures for full size

Photo: Courtesy Thumper

Superlite Pro

ABOVE: Jeff Clissold the current Superlite Pro Champion successfully defended his title. Ian Gregory finished 2nd and Fred Holland finished 3rd in the title chase.

Photo: Courtesy Thumper

Superlite AM

#38 Walter Murphy Superlite AM Champion

ABOVE: Walter Murphy by finishing 3rd overall on the day clinched the Superlite AM championship from Adam Muldoon.

 Suzii Stevens, the only lady rider competing in bucket racing at the moment topped off a great year to net 3rd place in the championship.

Photo: Courtesy Thumper

Click here for results table


New Members Welcome

If you live in NSW and have ever wanted to go bike racing this is the place to be. Home brewed bikes on race tracks offers outdoor fun while racing, and hours of indoor pleasure, home brewing your special machine!

A full list of the bikes that you can use are in our Rules Section. But if you want to buy one ready made see the Links page and in particular The Australian Road Racing forum. Otherwise contact a committee member and see if they know of any bikes for sale.

Anyway, browse around this site and check us out. If you are interested in racing either contact anyone on the Club Committee or come along to one of the meetings on the Race Calendar, check out the racing and introduce yourself.

Even if you don't want to race, we can get you on the smelly side of the fence in one of the best seats in the house as a flag marshal - A day at the races for free!!


2010 Race Calendar

To Run

  1. Feb Sat 27 & Sun 28  Club Round 1, Wakefield Park

  2. April 3 and 4 (Easter)  Barry Sheene Memorial Festival of Speed, (Non Club Round), Eastern Creek

  3. May Sun 16 Club Round 2, Wakefield Park

  4. June Sun 27  Club Round 3, Eastern Creek

  5. October Sat 2 Sun 3  Club Round 4, Broadford, Vic

  6. Nov Sat 20 and Sun 21  Non Club Round, One Hour, Wakefield Park.

King Kenny's Throne

King Kenny's Throne

Hail the King, Long Live the King:

The throne where great decisions/ideas are made!
This seat accompanies Ken Lindsay to all race meetings.
When critical setup decisions have to be made you will find Kenny sitting on his Throne staring straight ahead in a trance like state. Suddenly he will snap out of it, adjustment are made, lap records fall.
T'is truly a seat of great wisdom, but be warned! sit on it at your own peril.
The Throne is getting a major workout at the moment with the BRA AGM coming up and all those heavy decisions have to be made.

It's not easy being King.

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