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Bob Murphy Honda 125 P4
2009 On P4 Honda 125 at last meeting at figure eight  Oran Park
Another shot from the figure eight event Oran Park this time on the SLY200 Motolite
 63 Oran Park on the P4 125cc
Oran Park on the P4 125.
 63 Bob Murphy keeping the pack at bay.
Bob riding his Motolite SLY200 keeping the pack at bay,  Oran Park 2009.
 63 Bob Murphy Round 1 2012
Bob riding SLY200 Mk2 at the first round at Wakefield Park 2012.

BRA Rider Profile

Date Posted 29-02-2012


#63 Bob Murphy.

Name: Bob Murphy63 Bob Murphy Motolite Rider
Nick Name: Murph
Town: Narooma
Age: 60 sumpin
Occupation: Admin HWD Sawmills
Favourite Music: Stones
Favourite Movie: Wild Hogs
Favourite Food: Chinese.
Favourite Colour: West Tigers Black and Gold.
Favourite Car: 1960 Corvette.
Hobbies: Growing Bonsai.
Other Sports: Drinking Beer.

First Motorcycle: 1951 Tiger 100

First Road Bike: As above.

First Racing Bike: Bucket

What year did you start Bucket Racing?
1998 ish.

What age were you when you started Bucket Racing?
50 sumpin.

Any competition before Bucket Racing?

What do like most about Bucket Racing?
The fun - the people - the racing.

When did you have your first win or best result?
Still trying - very trying

Favourite Track?
Eastern Creek.

Favourite Event?
Australian round of MotoGP.

Favourite Race bike?
Manx Norton

Favourite Australian Rider?
Casey Stoner, Anthony West and Andrew Pitt.

Favourite International Rider?
Valentino Rossi

Favourite International Race Series?

Current bike projects?
The ongoing mysteries of the current Motolite.



2011 1st. 125cc P4. PCRA Club Championship.
2011 1st. 125cc P4. Class Bucket Nationals Wakefield Park.
2010 2nd. 125cc P4. PCRA Club Championship.
2009 1st. 125cc P4. PCRA Club Championship..
2008 2nd. 125cc P4 One Hour support Sprint Races Wakefield Park.
2007 2nd. 125cc P4 One Hour support Sprint Races Wakefield Park.


63 Bob Murphy on the SUZ200
Bob riding his nicely turned out 200cc Honda Powered Motolite.

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