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Ken on his RS150CRF.
Ken early Bucket Days on Superlite
Early Bucket days (1998) riding a nicely turned out Superlite, Yellow of course.
Racing for the last time (2009)on the figure 8 track at Oran Park. Now sadly closed.
Here Ken is dicing with Michael Carruthers, 4stroke against 2 stroke.
Ken is the holeshot master on the #14 Honda RS150CRF, here leading on lap1 of a heat at Rnd 1 Wakefield Park 2011

Superlite as always nicely turned out
Kens first Superlite on which he finished 2nd in the 1998 Superlite AM championship


BRA Rider Profile


#14  Ken Lawrence.

Name: Ken Lawrence
Town: Newcastle
Age: 59
Occupation: Tool Salesman and Business Owner.
Favourite Music: Foo Fighters, Greenday.
Favourite Movie: The Castle.
Favourite Food: Anything.
Favourite Car: 1942 Army Jeep (tough and rugged… and I own one).
Favourite Colour: None - Colour blind.
Hobbies: Bikes, Trikes.
Other Sports: No thanks.
First Motorcycle:
A.J.S. Matchless 500
First Road Bike: Bridgestone 250.
First Racing Bike: 1981 ATC185 Trike (still own it)

What year did you start Bucket Racing?

What age were you when you started Bucket Racing?

Any competition before Bucket Racing?
Trike and Quad racing - flat track

What do like most about Bucket Racing?
Camaraderie and tough but fair competition

When did you have your first win or best result?
First race win - First year racing at Oran Park figure 8,
Best championship 1998 2nd and 2010 2nd.

Favourite Track?
Wakefield Park

Favourite Event?
All of them.

Favourite Race bike?
My Current bike - NSF150R

Favourite Australian Rider?
Casey Stoner.

Favourite International Rider?
Marc Marquez.

Favourite International Race Series?

Current bike projects?
Post Classic 125 - CB125

List of Results:

2010 2nd. Motolite Club Championship.
2010 2nd. Motolite 1 Hour Enduro Wakefield Park (With Michael Carruthers)
2009 4th. Motolite Club Championship
2004 4th Motolite Club Championship
1998 2nd Superlite AM Championship
1998 Started Bucket Racing


Australian Champion flat track Quads 250cc '89, '90, '91 and Quad open
class Australian champion '91
Numerous trike championships between '81 and '88


Ken and Jye on Racing Honda Trike

Ken and son Jye (Haggle) on the racing Honda trike circa 1983.


Photos Courtesy: Thumper