Winning Motolite Details.

Jason Dunns all conquering two stroke Motolite Race Bike

Late 80s Honda RS125 GP bike running gear. Honda CR85 prepared by Col Dunn. Ultra reliable, terrific finishing record. Multi championship winning machine.

Anantomy of a Motolite racer

Motolite with no fairing.
Honda CR85 motor fits snugly in frame. The kick start mechanism casing hump has to be removed (cut off and cover plates welded on) to seal the hole made by removal. Engine plates to accommodate the smaller engine are available as is the expansion box.

Shows how snug the motor is in the frame. Radiator, rear sets and all running gear is standard RS125.

Modifications to Honda CR85 motor to fit in Honda RS125 chassis
Picture of modified Honda CR85 engine crankcases
Above: Picture of an RS125 motor which shows what's required. Modified CR85 cases will never look that neat though. Being oil tight is all that's required.

If contemplating building a similar Motolite obtaining a rolling chassis is usually not too difficult and CR85 motors are the most plentiful, although a complete bike may need to be purchased to get a motor.
Other two stroke motor options for this versatile chassis would be Yamaha YZ85 (Don't tell club President Ken Lindsay though as he would consider this the ultimate sacrilege!) or the newer KTM 85 engine, it is a lively performer out of the box.

For aircooled motors a capacity of 111cc is allowed.

The Motolite class with it's open rules (only capacity rules) is an ideal class for a competitor that want to play with the many variables that open rules allow.

Before embarking on the build ring any of the engineers / tuners that advertise on this website or any Committee member for advice. You can also contact us through the contact form on the website.

Jason Dunn Honda RS85 on his winning ways
Jason Dunn Honda RS85 on his winning ways

If you would prefer to go Four Stroke Click Here...

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BRA Champions


  • 2016 Jason Dunn(Honda RS85CR)
  • 2015 Jason Dunn(Honda RS85CR)
  • 2014 Tyler Bradford(BBR CBR150)
  • 2013 Jason Dunn (Honda RS85CR)
  • 2012 Paul Borg (Honda RS85CR)
  • 2011 Jason Dunn (Honda RS85CR)
  • 2010 Michael Carruthers (RS85CR)
  • 2009 Paul Borg (Honda RS85CR)
  • 2008 Garry Briggs (RS150CBR)
  • 2007 Trevor Lusby (Jianshe 185)
  • 2006 Garry Briggs (RS150CBR)
  • 2005 Garry Briggs (RS150CBR)
  • 2004 Lindsay McKay

Superlite Pro

  • 2016 Tim Smith (Honda CB150)
  • 2015 Ian Gregory (Honda CB150)
  • 2014 Walter Murphy (Honda CB150)
  • 2013 Walter Murphy (Honda CB150)
  • 2012 Fred Holland (Honda CB150)
  • 2011 Ken Lindsay (Honda RCB150)
  • 2010 Jeff Clissold (Honda CB150)
  • 2009 Jeff Clissold (Honda CB150)
  • 2008 Ken Lindsay (Honda RCB150)
  • 2007 Phillip Favero (Honda CB150)
  • 2006 Ken Lindsay (Honda RCB150)
  • 2005 Bruce Edwards (Honda CB150)
  • 2004 David Phillips (Honda CB150)
  • 2003 Garry Briggs (Honda CB150)
  • 2002 Garry Briggs (Honda CB150)

Superlite AM

  • 2016 Stuart Ellis (Suzuki GS150)
  • 2015 Hermann Wagus (Honda CB150)
  • 2014 Robert Tisdell (Honda CB150)
  • 2013 Ryan Phillips  (Honda CB150)
  • 2012 Jim Murphy  (Honda XL150)
  • 2011 Adam Muldoon(Honda CB150)
  • 2010 Walter Murphy (Honda CB150)
  • 2009 Tim Smith (Honda CB150)
  • 2008 Lyall Kumera-Cairns
  • 2007 Martin Kraaymaat(CB150T)
  • 2006 Martin Kraaymaat (CB150T)
  • 2005 Martin Kraaymaat (CB150T)
  • 2004 Michael Moore (Honda CB150)
  • 2003 Phil Favero (Honda CB150)
  • 2002 Kyle Chick (Honda CB150)

Commuterlite Pro

  • 2016 Keo Watson (Honda CBR125)
  • 2015 Nicholas Miller (Honda CBR125)
  • 2014 Ron Pulido (Honda CBR125)
  • 2013 Anthony Marsden (CBR125)
  • 2012 Ryan Young (Honda CBR125)
  • 2011 Ron Carrick (Honda CBR125)

Commuterlite AM

  • 2016 81 Luke Rhodes (CBR125)
  • 2015 Rez Pulido (CBR125)
  • 2014 Adam Cameron (CBR125)

2stk Superlite Pro

  • 2005 Greg Gould
  • 2004 Greg Gould
  • 2003 J. Wright
  • 2002 Russel Barker

2stk Superlite AM

  • 2005 Clinton Edwards
  • 2004 Peter Wade
  • 2003 Stefano Montressor
  • 2002 Michael Combley