Close exciting Bucket Racing

Close racing with the Buckets at round two of
the bucket racing championship.

The day started off wet and cold. However by the time race two came around the track was pretty dry and good lap times were being posted. Racing was close and exciting as usual with the Buckets. the Championships are looking like they will be close in points this year again. All round another great days racing with many more to come.

Round One of the PCRA Mitas Tyres Bucket Racing Championship.

Nathan Taylor on his winning YFZ-R150.

Round One of the PCRA Mitas Tyres Bucket Racing Championship held at Wakefield Park Raceway got under way with practice / qualy run in light drizzle and foggy conditions. However the day improved with the odd threatening spots of rain and sunshine appeared after lunch.


Motolite: 46 Mark O’Toole, Yamaha YFZ-R150 1:24.1410
Superlite: 38 Junior Murphy, Honda CB185 1:22.5420*
Commuterlite: 49 Greg Burt, Yamaha YFZ-R125 1:32.2940


Nathan Taylor riding his Yamaha YFZ-R150 got his championship quest off to a great start with three wins to score maximum points. However he didn’t have it his own way with Mark O’Toole YFZ-R150 and a couple of cheeky Superlites breathing down his neck.

The final Motolite results were #120 Nathan Taylor first, #46 Mark O’Toole second and #81 John Skeers Third. #93 John Olip DNF.

Mark O'Toole Yamaha YFZR150 Second on the day.

46 Mark O'Toole Yamaha YFZ_R150 piloting his nicely turned out machine to second place.'


Duelling Superlites 9 Blair Briggs and 38 Junior Murphy

9 Blair Briggs on the Honda CB125E based machine dicing with 38 Junior Murphy on the older Honda CB125 both modified to 185cc.

#9 Blair Briggs riding the Garry Briggs prepared Honda CB125E BBE won the first two races and was second in race three to take overall honours. #38 Junior Murphy had a track detour in race one and had to play catch up but still finished second in class.

Races two and three these two had a terrific battle with Blair winning race two by a whisker and Junior winning the third race also giving the Motolites a hurry up.

#169 Ian Gregory Honda CB185 and #65 Tim Smith Honda CB185 were keeping a watching brief on the action ahead but finished overall in that order. #62 Jim Murphy was 5th with #22 Glen Livingston 6th.


128 Edward Poucher Honda CBR125 was harried all the way by 93 Jason Davies Yamaha YFZ-R125 with 99 Eric Brat Suzuki GSXR125 third. Three different brands on the podium.

#128 Edward Poucher Honda CBR125 won all three races in the Commuterlite class with #93 Jason Davies Yamaha YFZ-R125 a close second.

#99 Eric Brat Suzuki GSXR125 and #717 Ken McLean Honda CBR125 had their own dice going with Eric prevailing. Like wise 5th and 6th finishers #57 Stuart Ellis Suzuki GSXR125 and # 69 Paul Evans Honda CBR125 were having a good go with Stuart prevailing. As usual with the Commuterlites there was groups of riders down the field fighting it out, always big grins inside the helmets when coming in after the races.

Commuterlite finishing order:

1st 128 Edward Poucher, 2nd 93 Jason Davies, 3 99 Eric Brat,
4th 717 Kenneth McLean, 5th 57 Stuart Ellis, 6th 69 Paul Evans,
7th 73 Daniel Florance, 8th 33 Mark Deeley, 9th 66 Andrew Lewer,
10th 77 David Morschel, 11th 52T Joshua Thiele, 12th 222 Andrew Hollier,
13th 49 Gregory Burt

49 Gregory Burt Yamaha YFZ-R125 leads a group of Commuterlites at turn two.
717 Ken McLeod 93 Jason Davies.

New and Changes to Bucket Racing Rules from the AGM.


For 2021 onwards there will be a single class "Commuterlite"
– “amateur” and “pro” to be discontinued. Passed


Add “125cc Air-cooled single cylinder 2 stroke”Passed
Add “200cc Air-cooled 2 valve twin cyl.4 stroke” Passed


“- 180cc 4 stroke air cooled max capacity 189cc” to
“- 200cc 4 stroke air cooled max capacity 200cc”
Deferred to next AGM

Remove twin shock frame restriction. Passed

Add to homogulated frames:
Honda: CB200, SL175Passed
Honda CBR125 Rolling chassis Passed
Yamaha YFZR125/150 rolling chassis. Passed

Remove fork size restriction. Passed
– upside down forks NOT allowed. Passed

Remove restriction on brake modifications. Passed

Remove restriction on tyre sizing. Passed

Remove clause
“(Standard carburettor only on Honda CB125T twins)”. Passed

Add to engines:
“(Parts that replicate homologated parts are OK to use).” Passed

Add to homogolated engines:
Jianshe: “(JS150Y Engine less cylinder head).” Passed

Increase max ex port 4stroke engine modification:
“Maximum Valve sizes: … Exhaust 26mm” from 25mm. Passed

Add to homogolated engines:
Honda: CB200, SL175. Passed

No Commuterlite riders turned up to the AGM to voice their concerns which was disapointing to say the least. A couple of people from the Commuterlite riders group need to step up and get involved. There is no Commuterlite representative at the moment so one of you need to volunteer.

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Bucket Racing at it's best
Typical of the dicing in Bucket racing, always close and a lot of fun. Here #78 Mark OToole (Honda CBR125) leads #23 Blair Briggs (Honda CBR125), #40 Richard Cook (Honda CBR125), #131 Rez Pulido (Honda CBR125) and #3 Peter Lindsay (Honda CBR125). Racing is always close with positions changing corner to corner.
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