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97 Tyler Bradford at 2009 Rnd 6OranPark
2009 early days on the ex Garry Briggs Big Bang Racing Honda CBR150 powered special. Picture taken at the final PCRA event at Oran Park where Tyler finished 3rd overall.
AT Eastern Creek round 3. 2011.
 77 Tyler racing with Michael Lockhart and Jason Dunn
Eastern Creek again a shot of the exciting 3 way battle with Tyler, Michael Lockhart and Jason Dunn.
Tyler Bradford Round 1 Wakefield Park 2011
Round 1 Wakefield Park 2011, Tyler leads John Olip #94
Tyler teamed with Aaron Morris to finish 3rd in the 2010 1Hour

BRA Rider Profile

Date Posted 22-01-2012


#77 Tyler Bradford.

Name: Tyler BradfordTyler Bradford taken at 2011 One Hour  Race Meeting
Nick Name: TJ
Town: Newcastle
Age: 19
Occupation: Plumber
Favourite Music: All
Favourite Movie: Talladega Nights
Favourite Food: All
Favourite Car: XR6 Turbo Ute.
Hobbies: Motocross Speedway
Other Sports: Motocross

First Motorcycle: Peewee 50.

First Racing Bike: 150 Motolite

First Road Bike: None yet

What year did you start Bucket Racing?

What age were you when you started Bucket Racing?

Any competition before Bucket Racing?
Speedway racing AMCAS.

What do like most about Bucket Racing?
Close racing

When did you have your first win or best result?
Oran Park 2009 and Eastern Creek 2010.

Favourite Track?
Eastern Creek.

Favourite Event?
One Hour.

Favourite Race bike?
Honda RS 125

Favourite Australian Rider?
Casey Stoner.

Favourite International Rider?
Casey Stoner.

Favourite International Race Series?

Current bike projects?
None (Preparing current bikes for next year)



2011 4th. Motolite Class Bucket Nationals Wakefield Park.
2010 4th. Round 3 Eastern Creek 2010 PCRA Club Championship.
2010 3rd. Motolite Class One Hour Enduro Wakefield Park (Partnered with Aaron Morris)
2010 3rd. Motolite Class Sprint Races Wakefield Park.
2009 3rd. Motolite Class Round 6 Oran Park PCRA Club Championship
2009 4th. Motolite Class Round 4 Oran Park PCRA Club Championship


Tyler Bradford at Round 1 Wakefield Park 2012
Tyler in action at the first round of the 2012 Championship at Wakefield Park.

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