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Building a Works Bucket Racer 

Ken Lindsay Racing offer the following Services:

  • Big Bore Kits
  • Reboring
  • Camshafts
  • Carburetors
  • CDI Ignition
  • Centrifugal Oil Filters
  • Mufflers/Exhaust Pipes
  • Alloy Rear Sprockets
  • Rebuilds
  • Machining
  • Fabrication

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2 Ken Lindsay and 44 Mark Strong

King Kennys Throne
The Kings Throne

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Racing Results

Superlite AM and Pro Championship Results

  • 1988 Started Bucket Racing
  • 1989 Superlite AM 1st
  • 1990 - - -
  • 1991 Superlite Pro 6th
  • 1992 Superlite Pro 6th
  • 1993 Superlite Pro 3rd
  • 1994 Superlite Pro 6th
  • 1995 Superlite Pro 7th
  • 1996 Superlite Pro 6st
  • 1997 Superlite Pro 3rd
  • 1998 Superlite Pro 2nd
  • 1999 Superlite Pro 1st
  • 2002 Superlite Pro 3rd
  • 2004 Superlite Pro 2nd
  • 2005 Superlite Pro 2nd
  • 2006 Superlite Pro 1st
  • 2007 Superlite Pro 3rd
  • 2008 Superlite Pro 1st
  • 2009 Superlite Pro 3rd
  • 2010 Superlite Pro 4th

One Hour, Interstate Challenge and Bucket Nationals Results

Superlite Pro Class

  • 1991 Interstate Challenge Lakeside 10th.
  • 1992 Interstate Challenge Lakeside 3rd.
  • 1994 Bucket Nationals
    Mt Gambier 3rd.
    - Interstate Challenge
    Lakeside 3rd.
    Member of winning team in team race
  •  1995 Interstate Challenge Lakeside 6th.
  • 1996 Bucket Nationals 9th.
  • 1997 AMCN Interstate Challenge Eastern Creek 5th.
    Member of winning team in team race.
    AMCN Bucket Nationals
    Eastern Creek 6th.
  • 1998 TJ's Race Paint One Hour Oran Park South 2nd.
    (Simon Thomas/K. Lindsay)    - Interstate Challenge
    Oran Park GP 5th.
    Member of 2nd placed team in Team Race.
  • 1999 TJ's Race Paint One Hour Oran Park South 4th.
    (Ken Lindsay/Steve Nicholl).
    - Hartwell Club Championship
    Phillip Island 1st. (4Stroke)
  • 2001 Interstate Challenge Eastern Creek 6th.
    Member of winning team in team race.
    - AMCN Bucket Nationals
    Broadford 11th.
  • 2002 AMCN Bucket Nationals
    at Broadford 4th.
    - Hartwell Club Championship
    Phillip Island 2nd.
  • 2004 Suzuki Newcastle Bucket Nationals 6th.
  • 2006 One Hour Race 7th.
  • 2008 One Hour Race 2nd.
    (K. Lindsay/D. Hall)
  • 2009 One Hour Race 1st.
    (Ken Lindsay/Mark Strong)

Ken Lindsay BRA President

Ken Lindsay is the hard working long time president of the Bucket Racing Association NSW, engineer and Bucket racer extraordinaire. He's held the Office of President for many years and has a life long membership of the club, in recognition of the hard work he puts in.

He usually runs in three classes at most meetings and  still finds time to be involved in some other aspect of a meeting whether it be race number scrutineer, organising the trophies for the prize winners of the day or whatever task needs to be done he is always there to help. There is always a welcome at Kens pit bay and if you've got a  problem whether it be setup or in your head he is only too glad to help out.

Kens common sense approach and commitment to the Bucket Racing Association and bucket racing will ensure it's continued success.

It was Ken who came up with the idea of having a one hour race back in 1997 and it's gone from strength to strength since then. He's latest baby is the Bucket Nationals for 2011 and it should be another successful chapter in Bucket racing.

He has a fine stable of bikes starting with his multi championship winning Superlite,(see Building a Works Bucket Racer) the bike with which all Superlite buckets are judged. It is an immaculate and finely engineered racer with a racing record to match.

He has ridden this machine to many wins and podium's in Superlite championships and 1 Hour Races, it currently holds the Superlite Lap Record for Wakefield Park set during the 2009 1 hour race by co-rider Mark Strong.

Anything you want to know about racing a Superlite Ken is your man. He can also help with fabrication, reboring and any other engineering you may require. (See Above Left) 

Ken with Bikes

King Kenny poses with his stable of bikes, from Left:  Motolite RS85, 1990 RS125, RCB150 The winning Superlite and Honda CBR900 all immaculately turned out.

Ken takes it from here

I started Bucket Racing in 1988 with a pretty2 Ken standard CB125N. The Bike was bought from Penrith Motorcycle Wreckers for $350 with the motor out and completely stripped down.

So why start with a CB125?

Well as a 13 year old kid I worked and saved up enough money and bought a new Honda XL100. This was an excellent bike and I rode the wheels off this every weekend and even raced it in junior Motocross, Enduro and Dirt Track or as it was known Short Circuit.
I won my fair share of trophies on this bike and got to know how the motor worked pretty well. So there was no choice when it came to Bucket Racing. It had to be a Honda Single and of course the CB was more "high tech" than the XL, with its two piece head, mechanical front disc brake and geometry more suited to road racing.

The first time the bike was raced was at the third and final round of the Bucket Championships. The bike was very standard with rear sets, flat bars, straight through exhaust and a braced swingarm (high tech in 1988).
The bike was then modified for 1989. Fitted with shocks that sort of worked, 28mm carb and a mild cam from Waggots. I won the Amateur championship in 1989 and was promoted to the Pro Class for 1990 (Big Time).

The bike developed over the years with virtually every component being changed or modified. It finally reached its peak in development and I went on to win the 1999 Pro Bucket 4 Stroke Championship.

At this point in time, the competition had grown very strong and it would prove to only get more competitive. More modified machines with better brakes, suspension, dyno tuned engines etc. began to appear so more development was necessary or be left behind. Major modifications were required or build another bike using all the ideas that had been brewing up for some time. It was decided at this time to go ahead and build a new bike. Work started on a new bike in mid 1999 and the bike was finally track bound in July 2001.

See Building a Winning Works Bucket Racer

2 Ken with Bikes at OranPark Last PCRA meet.

King Kenny reigns on his throne surrounded by some of his race bikes. This shot taken by Thumper at the final PCRA meeting at Oran Park, sadly the end of an era but the King lives on.

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