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26 ML
Michael on the Suzuki 150 at Rd3 Eastern Creek 2010
26 Michael at Wakefield Park
At the 2010 1 hour Enduro Michael partnered with Nathan Shoesmith to finish 4th. in the Superlite class at Wakefield Park.
Eastern Creek 2010 Rnd3
At Eastern Creek Rnd3 2010 on the Suzuki
#26 Michael #96 Anthony Bilston
#26 Michael on the Commuterlite leads #96 Anthony Bilston At Rd3 Eastern Creek 2011

BRA Rider Profile


#26 Michael Lemon.

Name: Michael Lemon26 Michael
Nick Name: ML
Town: Newcastle
Age: 30
Occupation: Riding Instructor
Favourite Music: Rock
Favourite Movie: Faster and Faster.
Hobbies: Riding motorcycles.
Is there anything else?

Other Sports: Xbox 360!

First Motorcycle: Kawasaki GPX250.

First Road Bike: Kawasaki GPX250.

First Racing Bike: Husky SMR450.

What year did you start Bucket Racing?

What age were you when you started Bucket Racing?

Any competition before Bucket Racing?
East Coast race series.

What do like most about Bucket Racing?
Fun and enjoyable.

When did you have your first win or best result?
3rd. at the last ever historic race at Oran Park.

Favourite Track?
Eastern Creek (closest)

Favourite Event?

Favourite Race bike?
Honda CBR 125RR.

Favourite Australian Rider(s)?
Broc Parkes, Kevin Curtain and Anthony West.

Favourite International Rider(s)?
Valentino Rossi, Colin Edwards and Ben Spies.

Favourite International Race Series?
MotoGP and SBK.

Current bike projects?
GS150 for Period racing and fine tuning the CBR125RR.



2010 4th. One Hour Superlite class
2009 3rd Superlite AM Championship
2009 3rd Historic class Oran Park
First outing on the Honda CBR125RR Commuterlite Round 3 Eastern Creek 2011
Photos Courtesy: Thumper