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Commuterlite the Newest  Bucket Racing Class by the Bucket Racing Association NSW (BRA)


The BRA in conjunction with the PCRA have successfully  introduced a new Bucket Category called Commuterlites. The attraction of this category is the ease of starting to race and being competitive straight out of the box. Machines are virtually standard with some practical changes listed in Building a Commuterlite Racer.


If you are new to bike racing or just want to give it a go this is the ideal class to start off in. Bikes with superficial damage can be bought cheaply at insurance auctions and easily be prepared for racing. See the rules for what's allowed.


The first Club Championship for Commuterlites (2011) was won by Ron Carrick on a Honda CBR125. Ron also won the class in the One Hour race teamed with Chad Slade.

The first Commuterlite Bucket Nationals Trophy (2011 Wakefield Park) sponsored by cycletorque was won by  Mark Strong. See 2011 Results

Commuterlite class open to all 4 stroke 125cc Commuter bikes.

To be eligible for racing, the motorcycle must have:

  • ADR Compliance.
  • It must have a 4 stroke engine of no more than 125cc.
  • The motorcycle must be made to comply with any general requirements of road racing in the MOMS.
Ron Carrick clinching the first Commuterlite Championship at Broadford Vic. (
As well Ron partnered with Chad Slade to win the Class in the 2011 One Hour Enduro at Wakefield Park and finished sixth overall (out of 30 starters) proving that these machines are a viable and fun to ride racing bike.

44 Mark Strong

Mark Strong on his way to winning the first ever cycletorque Commuterlite Bucket National Trophy at Wakefield Park.


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CBR125 as used in the Canadian Series


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CBR125 as used in a European Endurance Series


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Yamaha R125 is eligible


List of eligible bikes:

  • Honda CBR125R
  • Honda CB125 (2012 model)
  • Yamaha YZF R125
  • Sachs 125
  • Kymco 125
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