Bucket tt time trial at Phesants Wood


Sunday Nov.1st. 2020

The track day for Bucket race bikes is on at the Pheasant Wood Circuit at Marulan.
The cost per rider is $175.00
MA licence is good.
If you haven't got a licence you can purchase a day licence for $30.00.
This is a good chance to brush off the cobwebs and get a bit of two wheel action.

Pheasant Wood Website


  • 57 Stuart Ellis 2020 Round One winner Motolite Class Wakefield Park 57 Stuart Ellis Round One Winner Motolite Class
    Stuart steered his Yamaha YFZR150 to a fine win. Returning to the class #81
    John Skeers was 2nd and son Jordan was 3rd in his first race.
  • #19 Connor Hunter Superlite PRO #19 Connor Hunter Round 1 Superlite Pro Class Winner
    Connor won both races to win the day. #65 Tim Smith came in 2nd with a 2nd
    and 3rd #62 Jim Murphy was 3rd overall. All were riding Honda 185 singles
  • #30 Garth Olsson wins Rnd 1 Commuterlite PRO class #30 Garth Olsson wins Rnd 1 Commuterlite PRO class
    With two wins Garth won the day but was pushed all the way by 11 Barry Young
    and #7 Tony Sims keeping the 2 Hondas honest on his OAK Motorcycles Yamaha
  • #31 James King Commuterlite AM #31 James King Commuterlite AM round One winner
    First time out with a 1st and a 2nd James won the day. 2nd went to #74 Paul
    Lucas (Lucas Service Centre) 3rd was #43 Dennis Pollak Yamaha YFZR125
  • #17 Keo Watson / Adam Cameron team up to win the One hour enduro race and Motolite class #17 Keo Watson/Adam Cameron wins Motolite 1 Hour.
    Riding Adams Honda RS150cbr Keo and Adam won outright and the Motolite
    class. #68 Shane Wilcox & Edward Marsden came in 2nd on a Honda RS85cr
  • #38 Junior Murphy and Dad wins Superlite class in 2019 One Hour #38 Junior and Jim Murphy wins Superlite one Hour
    Superlite 1hour was won by Junior/Jim Murphy & #25 Ryan/David Phillips
    came in a close 2nd. #65 Tim Smith/John Olip were 3rd. all on CB185's
  • #21 Lorraine Stewart/Stephanie Jones wins One Hour Commuterlite class #21 Lorraine Stewart/Steph Jones wins One Hour
    #21 Lorraine & Stephanie won the One Hour Commuterlite class YFZR125
    #66 Andy lewer/Daniel Florence 2nd. #45Chris/Max Young 3rd
  • 68 Shane Wilcox Round 5 winner Motolite Champ 2019 68 Shane Wilcox 2019 Motolite Champion
    After trying for many Years Shane (RS85) wins 2019 Motolite Championship.
    #83 Edward Marsden was 2nd (RS85) and #95 John Olip came in 3rd (Moriwaki85).
  • #38 Junior Murphy 2019 Superlite PRO Champion #38 Junior Murphy 2019 Superlite Pro Champion
    #65 Tim Smith was a close second and #62 Jim Murphy was 3rd in the
    Championship. All riding Honda 185 singles.
  • #11 Barry Young wins Commuterlite PRO class 11 Barry Young 2019 Commuterlite PRO Championship
    When he wasnt winning Barry was on the podium an impressive performance
    in the Pro class. #66 Andy Lewer was 2nd & #4 Marty Kraaymaat came in 3rd.
  • #45 Chris Young 2019 Commuterlite AM Champion #45 Chris Young 2019 Commuterlite AM Champion
    Chris (YFZR125) pinched the championship by one point from mid season
    leader #73 Daniel Florence. #102 Kim Watt finished third in her first season.
  • 6 Jason Dunn Motolite #6 Jason Dunn Wins Round One in Motolites .
    Like he's never been away Jason won all three Motolite races. Here he leads
    the field away in race two. 68 Shane Wilcox finished 2nd. 63 Matt Burton 3rd


Round 2 Aug.29th.
Round 3 Oct.29th.
One Hour Nov.1st.

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Honda P5-125-superlite for sale
Kim Watt (Honda CBR125) in her first year in Commuterlite AM went from nervous beginner at start of year to winning the final race meeting at Eastern Creek and finished 3rd in the AM championship.

Honda P5-125-superlite for sale
P5-125 / Superlite for Sale
Honda P5-125,

2020 Motolite Championship
#57 Stuart Ellis Yamaha YFZR150 Motolite
1st. #57 Stuart Ellis
Yamaha YFZR 150
45 Points
#81 John Skeers Motolite
2nd. #81 John Skeers
Honda XL185
36 Points
#8 Jordan Speers Motolite
3rd. #8 Jordan Skeers
Honda NSR
33 Points
2020 Superlite Pro Championship
#19 Connor Hunter Superlite PRO
1st. #19 Connor Hunter
Honda CB180
50 Points

65 Tim Smith Superlite PRO
2nd. #6 Tim Smith
Honda CB185
38 Points
62 Jim Murphy Superlite PRO
3rd. #62 Jim Murphy
Honda CB185
37 Points
2020 Commuterlite Pro Championship
#30 Garth Olsson Commuterlite PRO
1st. #30 Garth Olsson
Honda CBR125
50 Points
#11 Barry Young Commuterlite PRO
2nd. #11 Barry Young
Honda CBR125
40 Points
#7 Tony Sims OAKS Motorcycles Yamaha YFZR125 Commuterlite PRO
#7 Tony Sims
Yamaha YZFR125
36 Points

2020 Commuterlite AM Championship
#31 James King Commuterlite AM
1st. #31 James King
Honda CBR125
45 Points

#74 Paul Lucas Commuterlite AM
2nd. Paul Lucas
Honda CBR125
36 Points
#43 Dennis Pollack Commuterlite AM
 3rd. #43 Dennis Pollak
Yamaha YFZR125
36 Points

If you live in NSW and have ever wanted to go bike racing this is the place to be. Home brewed bikes on race tracks offers outdoor fun while racing, and hours of indoor pleasure, home brewing your special machine!

A full list of the bikes that you can use are in our Rules Section. But if you want to buy one ready made see the Links page and in particular The Australian Road Racing forum. Otherwise contact a committee member and see if they know of any bikes for sale.

Anyway, browse around this site and check us out. If you are interested in racing either contact anyone on the Club Committee or come along to one of the meetings on the Race Calendar, check out the racing and introduce yourself.

Even if you don't want to race, we can get you on the smelly side of the fence in one of the best seats in the house as a flag marshal - A day at the races for free!

Links to:

- Start Racing

 - Rules

 - Building a CBR125 Commuterlite

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