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13th. - April. - 2014

Round 2 of 2014 PCRA-BRA Bucket Club Championship.

Round 2 of the PCRA BRA Championship at the South Circuit at Eastern Creek was a wet and windy affair. The weather was dry but overcast during early morning practice / qualifying but then the rain came bucketing down before the first race had started. This made for some exciting racing albeit at a much lower pace in the treacherous conditions. Read More....

Points Results after Rnd2 of Bucket Championships Click Here...

  • 77 Tyler Bradford Motolite winner of Wet Round 2
    77 Tyler rode neat and fast in the tricky conditions to win the day with
    1st. and 2nd. placings. 79 Steve Kairl came in 2nd & Marty McGauley (3rd).
  • Tim Smith 65 Tim Smith takes out Superlite Pro Honours
    Tim put in a master display in the slippery conditions with 2 wins.
    38 Walter Murphy was 2nd. #2 Ken Lindsay finished 3rd.
  • Robert Tisdell #81 Robert Tisdell Superlite AM Winner.
    Robert held no fear in the wet scoring a well deserved maiden win.
    31 Duncan Taylor also shone in the wet conditions. #8 Kurt Wagus came 3rd.
  • Commuterlite PRO, 171 Arthur Cook Masters the Wet
    Dicing with 136 Ron Pulido and 48 Nicolas Wenban in typical Commuterlite
    close racing. Wet or dry no matter, the Commuterlite guys race hard.
  • 25 Michael Lemon wins very wet Commuterlite AM
    Michael Lemon put in 2 masterful rides to win both races, 13 Andrew Martin
    finished 2nd with CL-AM C-ship leader Oliver Higgins 3rd.
  • 2013 One Hour Win Number Five for King Kenny.
    Ken Lindsay partnered with Harley Borkowski raced to a record breaking
    fifth win (for Ken) in the One Hour Superlite Class.
  • Phil Read 8 Times World Champion visits BRA Stand
    Phil Read visited the BRA display stand and discussed the merits of Bucket
    Racing. He also spoke of racing and competitors in his legendary career.
  • Young Jack Silver can't wait to go Bucket Racing
    Fourteen year old Jack Silver trying a Commuterlite for size. Unfortunately
    due to archaic NSW laws he will have to wait until he is sixteen.
  • 25 Years of Bucket racing

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Photos: Courtesy Thumper and Ross Hill


South Circuit

SMP South Circuit


News Snippets

Racing STARTS Here!

BRA Promotion Stand at BSFOS

As in previous years of the BSFOS the Bucket Racing Association had a Display stand at this years meeting.
Bikes from all Bucket classes were on display.

Action videos courtesy of the Pulido Brothers got a lot of interest and was able to show the excitement of Bucket Racing.

Many thanks to Anthony and Edward Marsden, the Pulido brothers Ron Phil and Rez, Peter Brown, Lyall and Andrew Bennett for their assistance with the display stand.

BRA Stand 2011 BSFOS

The busy BRA Stand.

Link to BSFOS website

Start Bucket Racing

2014 Championship Results.

2014 Motolite Championship
77 Tyler Bradford
1st. #77 Tyler Bradford
Honda RS150CRFr
91 Points
2nd. #79 Stephen Kairl
Supermono 197
73 Points
28 Jack McGauley
3rd. #32 Marty McGauley
Honda 85cr
68 Points
2014 Superlite Pro Championship
38 Walter Murphy
1st #38 Walter Murphy
Honda CB150
94 Points

2nd. #65 Tim Smith
Honda CB150
86 Points
#2 Ken Lindsay on New SL
3rd. #2 Ken Lindsay
Honda RCB150
78 Points
2014 Superlite AM Championship
#8 Kurt Wagus Honda CB125
1st. #8 Kurt Wagus
89 Points

62 Jim Murphy
2nd. #62 Jim Murphy
Honda CB150
81 Points
31 Duncan Taylor
3rd. #31 Duncan Taylor
Kawasaki KH100
77 Points
2014 Commuterlite Pro Championship
136 Ron Pulido
1st. #136 Ron Pulido
Honda CBR125
95 Points
171 Arthur Cook
2nd. #171 Arthur Cook
Yamaha YFZR125
89 Points

888 Jack Robinson
3rd. #888 Jack Robinson
Honda CBR125
78 Points
2014 Commuterlite AM Championship
73 Oliver Higgins
1st. #73 Oliver Higgins
Honda CBR125
81 Points
17 Adam Cameron
2nd. #17 Adam Cameron
Honda CBR125
78 Points

3rd. #13 Andrew Martin
Honda CBR125
56 Points

If you live in NSW and have ever wanted to go bike racing this is the place to be. Home brewed bikes on race tracks offers outdoor fun while racing, and hours of indoor pleasure, home brewing your special machine!

A full list of the bikes that you can use are in our Rules Section. But if you want to buy one ready made see the Links page and in particular The Australian Road Racing forum. Otherwise contact a committee member and see if they know of any bikes for sale.

Anyway, browse around this site and check us out. If you are interested in racing either contact anyone on the Club Committee or come along to one of the meetings on the Race Calendar, check out the racing and introduce yourself.

Even if you don't want to race, we can get you on the smelly side of the fence in one of the best seats in the house as a flag marshal - A day at the races for free!

Links to:

- Start Racing

 - Rules

 - Building a CBR125 Commuterlite

Above: Video taken from #93 Paul Borg's Bike of Heat two of the 2011 Bucket Nationals.
Click here for Link to Paul Borgs Spookstr Channel on YouTube. Excellent onboard footage of Motolites in battle.

Click Here for Link to the Pulido Boys YouTube Channel
Let the Commuterlite battles begin.

News in Brief:


The full story of building a winning bucket racer told by the King himself. 

Also Kens own story on his rise to the lofty heights of club President.

Click Here for Ken Lindsay Profile.
Click Here For Building a "Works Bucket Racer

25 years of bucket Racing

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